Making deisgns around the Applique’s

Iv spend the last few days scanning in my applique and playing around them on illustrator. I am a little concerned at the moment that I wont be down on time. so I did not more from laptop for a long time. The idea was to place the appliques in illustrator (which i decided would look best in the middle, as it would stand out more and have more of a visual impact and also have a constancy making them a collection).

I was then simple as I had already got the images and designs, it was just a case of arrange the motifs around the appliques in oder for the applique to become the central focus. So were more difficult than others. As I had already experimented with the carrot print, tomato and green peas. Which they seemed to be the easiest to arrange. I also want a mixture of digital and screen print so a I designed the designs with the black lined drawings in able to represent the screen print. Which I can show in this image here.


The idea was to create the whole design as one then separate the designs out, in order for different sorts of print. Which hopefully these images with show.


These images show then how the design was slit up between the peas that were going to be printed and the design and image that needed to be set to the print studio in order for it to be printed onto card, which is then ready for screen print design to be printed onto of the card.


Vegetable design


The image was a design I created a while ago which I tarted screen printing with, the deisgn is made up of drawings I had made on adobe, it was an idea for a possible print. When i was thinking about envelopes and ideas. I think it is a really effective deisgn, but themore I looked at it I knew i could do better, and I could use it differently

As time as gone on and, id forgotten about the design, and then realised it would be perfect for the winter vegetable soup. Due to the ingredients. However I wanted to add my own drawings to it, as I have done with the rest of the designs. I started arranging the in order to create the next card with my own drawings.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 12.09.52.png

You can see from two of these images that it had a great improvement, more professional, and also more fitted to my client. A more mature design, which will creat better depth. This was the final outcome once I had placed it and arranged it around the appliqué.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 12.13.50.png

I think it is very successful it clear see what it is, and the design show my drawing and repeat pattern skills.

Looking at my applique!

Whilst the fact I had only completed 4 applique I need to also complete another 4 to complete the collection. Which also ment I had to dye lots more fabric. Creating more drawings, and looking though them with tutors, realising that the work is very illustrative, that if I am using the draiwngs for the backgrounds then why not use them  more for the appliques. So as a result I sent off 5 painting drawing to bags of love for them to be printed on to fabric. Which I could then applique and stitch on top off.

The question was then do I make my it quicker and easier to sen doff all 8 of may drawings as I already had them ready. If i complete these 4 when they get to me they maybe work perfectly but then I wont have time to send for the rest. I decided to just send the 5, and then perhaps have a mixture of 4 cards with the appliques and 4 that are paintings on fabric. I am now very nervous as to how the ones I sent will turn out and how they will look in comparison to the applique. I’m hoping that by using eth same colour tread and same technique that it will work out perfectly.

Working with the backgrounds

After making most of my vegtables throught it would be a great optionity to see what they look like on some of teh background patterns I had created and was experimneting with.

Aubergine and Tomato

I wanted to see the feel and deisgn it would possibly craete and look it. Whist looking at some. I realised that teh background needed to have more relationship with the front applique. I needed the background to be one with eth applicia. The thought of designing the backgrounds in a way that it sort of went around the.  applique, rather than just putting the applique ontop. Which I think would craete a more effective piece and also make more of a relationship between the applicia and the background design. This will also craete a lot of work, which means I know I will have to work hard for it to be successful, so I am ready fro the challenge.

Using more of my drawings.

I spend a lot of time during the start of this project throughout, drawings different vegetables, from images and life drawing. It accused to me that perhaps I need to use them more in my designs, iw as concentrated on making simple deisgns from drawing on illustrator designs like these.

That I needed to add more of my drawings to them, to perhaps have a mixture of techniques and ideas, including drawings, digital drawings and screen prints from drawings and digital ones. So i created one using the carrots to see what would happen.


This is how the design turned out, I didn’t finish i by putting the green leave son as i knew by just printing teh carrots on the page that this was successful. I knew from now that I wanted to have a mixture of drawings and screen prints. A mixture of techniques and style, showing my skills.


Creating the appliqué continued

I started by doing one vegetable at a time. I first started figured out from my recipes which applique vegetables i would create. I started with the aubergine as I knew I had more work based on a background for an aubergine and tomato soup.

I started layering up different coloured materials and ironing them together with bondaweb, then stitching on top and around them in order to create a stitch patch that can be ironed on as piece of stitch. It was important that the applique was big enough for the card, but not too big that it would not fit the card. My cards are being created in a 20×20 format, so I knew that creating the vegetable inside the embroidery hoop would be big enough.


I then carried on creating 4 appliqué vegetables. All in corresponding to the recipes. I think looking at them together, I think they create an excellent collection as a whole, and they all match each other.


Making the Applique’s

I would admit that i was struggling the last few days, while looking at my receipt’s i had chosen and creating the best combination of vegetables and pattern. I started putting my attention on the background pieces for my applique’s, as I knew I wanted to create the applicia’s, so having corresponding and effective background seemed to be important. However it came to me that maybe creating the applicia’s first would be more effective, and would be easier for me to create backgrounds from those appliqué vegtables.

I started by dying the fabric that I needed for Applique.


Iv spend the last few days in the dye lad, experimneting with colour and coloured dyes on differnt fabrics so that I have a great range of differnt effective pieces of fabric which will craete depth to my applicia’s. The next step is to know create them.