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Design group presenation

Today was the day I had to present my work to the Design group company. I was lucky enough to be grouped with Sarah, the lady that runs the international greetings project with us. I think it went really well, she was really enthusiastic about what I had achieved,a dn approached and saw the effort and work I had put in it. Which I really appreciated coming from a lady with her work ethic. She and also liked how I display the cards on the shelves with my logo in the middle, she also gave me credit for the logo and how simple and perfect it was for the collection. She liked the idea of my soup recipe and also thought it was important the size I chose for teh card, making the recipe big and square meaning that in teh real world if someone had it and was using it, they would find it straight away.

However the only negative thing she said about the designs, so that they very busy. That maybe the idea of using the designs as a border, then putting a small coloured square in the middle and then placing teh applique in teh middle of teh coloured square would create a better feel for the busy design. Which is something I will defiantly try out before hand in to see what it looks like.

She also thought that some of my vegetable applique’s work better than others, due to their shaping. Which I totally agree with, due to the vegetables themselves and the shape they are it is difficult to change the way they sit or stand. Which is defiantly something I will consider in improving the collection.

Final collection


This is my Final Collection

I am ver proud of what I have achieved through this project, due to the fcat I did struggle to get going. I think its such a different and interesting range of designs. Not just in general, and for me personally. I knew through i would be drawing vegetables and typing up recipes but I did. I loved everything minute of creating it, some moment where a but stressful, and I was falling behind for a while. However as a result of that I am so chuffed that I manged to create the collection, and teh work and detail that went into it. My goal was to create rustic, handmade set of cards, which i think i achieved.

I chose to display them in a circle as it would be more effective, and more pleasing to the eye, my main thought was thinking about the seasons. I thought that the circle could represent teh seasonal circle, which then why I display the cards in seasonal order from winter to autumn. Which for me made sence, and also make sence to the viewer.

I am also pleased with my logo which I did in the same typography as my recipes. I wanted it to be simple and natural, in contrast with my designs. I think it has great quality to it,a dn also sits well in between the designs, by creating the circle gave a great wall space to but my logo and promote the brand.


The difficult part for me is typing up the recipes as first my spelling isn’t very good, and it will also be difficult to find a recipe that suits the look I want which is more of a hand written style. So it ties in with my rustic handmade feel. I found a font that I downloaded called Shelby, which was perfect for the recipes. I then typed them up and using a heading of the soup then listed the ingredients. I played around first with size and arrangement of the ingredients. Weather I wanted it central or on the side. I also wanted to add some of my drawing on to them so it would be visually pleasing and more interesting. I also wanted to use different drawings I had made, some from the front design and also ones that were also in the recipe but not on the design like  basil. I also knew I had to spell check them,a nd also get someone to proof which is what I did.

I also decided to print them on made paper as I thought it would add more strengh to my theme and teh rustic aspect I am looking for. I did a sample piece, on the paper and I think it worked out realy well, it worked great with the font and drawings.




Colour background

It was impornant and quite difficult for me to get the background colour right. From experimenting and playing around i knew that plain backgroud wasnt looking taht stricking or very professional. I played aorund with strips, which I thought was giving an interetsing compostion and some how making the appliques stand out and bcome interesting as a deisgn. I considered just using 4 main colours, which would give enough diffienation of colour for it to be not too similar but a collection. I also then considered just using the two greens which could have more of a collection. However i thought that would be too simple. So my next throught was use 4 colours and have a colour for each season. So then chose what colours weel suited the season, resuting in

Winter- Purple

Spring- dark green

Summer-light green

Autumn- Red

I think this made more sence to the collection, giving mire depth and more thought process given towards teh collection as a whole. I was then happy and comfortable that all designs where in their seasons and all made sence towards my theme. Which means they are now all ready to be sent off to the print studio for printing.

The whole Card

I know that because I have chosen the card collection to complete, that my cards must be, concentrate on teh whole design of the card. I need to consider the whole card, the inside and back. As iv talked about before I knew what was going it be displayed on the inside, due to my recipe becoming part of the deisgn, which left the other side blank, for someone to write on, which is the most important part of the card. I then considered the back. I wanted my logo to be there for professional look, but I also wanted something to maybe tie in with the front deisgn. I decided then to use on or a few motifs from the front of the design on teh coloured strip that was on the back. This would then creat an over all look of deisgn, and an element of me considering the whole card.


Detox design

With this soup, and due to it having a variety of different vegetables in it, I wanted it to have the same sort of feel the vegetable soup had. I wanted to use a mixture of my drawings and drawings of adobe drawings. This was the outcome.Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 14.31.26

It was easier for me to creat the whole design first, then start to play with it in corresponding to the applique. Which was then my next step.


This was the outcome of my final design. It shows a great skill in patch making which is what I wanted to show. It also creates a great pattern in itself, due to the shape of the motifs and the arrangement I have used. i think it is one of my most successful designs. I also think it works well with the brocoli appliqué.