Digital deisgns: Term 3

From some of the drawings I did i could expeirmnet with on illistartor and craeet some deisgns.

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These where the start of my experimnetation in using illistartion more, and playing with what I could develop.

botanical rows

I think is one was my favourite from the deisgns I created from the drawings. It showed i repeat and a development of deisgn. I also gave me relisation of my colours, menaing i needed to add white to my colour board as i feel thats the colour that iv been misisng. The white  gives it a fresh and crisp deisgn.


Term 3: Reflection

As we’ve been busy withe teh third years doing the buddy system, it has given me chance to think. Obviously to think about what I would lke to do next year, however gave chance to think about my work this year.

I had gaines some much motivation from helping put up the degree show, that I spent some time drawing and painting ready to create more designs. I also want to work on some of my perivous deisgns and improve them. From looing at advice from my feedback, I would like to create a

  • new set of coordinates,
  • work on painted designs
  • experimnet more with my drawings and compoistions
  • continue drawing
  • spell check blog

I will start this week by creating some coordinates, i need to craete more digital designs, which I can than work on my displacemnt mapping. I want a more botanical feel the new deisgns, have that contrast in old and new as i have taked baout before.

Buddy sytem

This last week weeks had been a great experience. I throually enjoyed being around the third years and experience their stress, joy and relief. My buddy name was Clare, her work was different to most people’s, as she created a textile wall piece. It was interesting for me to see as she has differnt type of work, and how she can display and arrange the work for full effort.



I loved clares work and how differnt it was, and soemthing i wasnt expecting to see in the degree show. However their were a few students this year who had more hands on textiel pieces whihc I think shows their talents and creativity. With something so deicate and  complex as this, it is time concusing as Clare talked to me about it. I also loved learning about her process and her journey getting to the final display. How she started the progetc to how she finished it. It was also good to have chats about dissertations and living in card or staying at home, all the information was very useful. The whole exhibition as a whole was really impressive, I got the chance to help others when Clare didnt need me. This was also definitional to see how all them individual third years displayed the their work. Even to the littlest of things like where to put the busy cards and post cards.

It really got my thinking about what I would like to craete next year, whether to concreate on interiors, and perhaps have a mixture of products. May creates something that completely different more of an art type piece of work like clare created. It was graet to look at how they all arranged them diffenently these area few exaamples.


I chose these three to put on my blog as i think they chose somethig differnt and something unique to display their work. They use materials and differnt shelving arrangemnets to suit their own stype of deisgns and work.

The first red one I found really interetsing as she used metal boxed wire to hand her work on, which i think is really clever and interetsing. The ladder i also thought was unique, somethig differnt than just shelves or pins. Shwo how uncomplecated the process is, and teh simplist of things can make the biggest impact.

I chose the white designs on the wall as I though she realy thought about size and compoituon when creating her work and displaying it. The use of the two thin and long designs eitehr side of a bigger and wider design is really effetcive. She also think this sudent a great way of using colour. The simple white is really stands out from the rest.


More painting ad drawing:term 3

I know I needed to create more drawings and paintings in order to create more professional designs. At the end of term 2 I has also started to start drawing botanical drawings, in order for me to start to get that contrast of old and new, and I then have  a variety of drawings to create some interesting designs.

Botanical flowers

I created this simple painting using botanical images and more contemporary floral’s from my sketchbook. I think it was a great start to see a variety of mixture florals and ideas. I also think it isn’t obvious which patterns or new and which are old, which i really like. So that there isn’t a clear divide.

I think this is a start of great designs to be created, I would like to scan it into illustrator, and create some CAD visuals. I would also to create it in  digital stitch to see what effect that gives.

PRP: Refelction on constillation

Due to this term concentration of dissertation forms, it was a term full of thought and idea. It was important for me to have the idea to write about something that is relevant to my course. Which is something I hadn’t really got the gist of doing before in year 1 and term 1 year 2. I know think that I have the write subject and the right idea to related my course

In my first term I had Ashley Morgan, which was really informative. I learnt a lot writing skills and how to improve my writing an as a whole and to plan my what I’m going to write and in what order. Ashley lectures where at objects and materiality, how we chose certain items that mean something to us. The question of whether objects make us who we are? or the other way round?. It was interesting to consider are materials and there effect on us, and to think about my own subject and how those objects effect what i make and what they are made for.

I wrote the 1-500-2000 word essay about the sari which I found really interesting.  It was educational to look at piece of clothing in such details and to consider what I wrote about the idea that an item of clothing such as the sari can represent identity, that it can tell people who that person is and what there beliefs are. However in the end I was disappointed as i did not get the best mark I was hoping for. I knew that from pervious writings and essays, my agreement skills is what let me down. As I found it difficult to ague for both sides and have a clear and understandable agreement for both. Resulting in their reflection, it was a possibility to carry on down this route, and writing a word thesis. However I knew i would struggle and have less of a grip on my ideas. Therefore after looking into the different options, i discovered that making an artifact would be the best option for me. Due to the fact i could make something, and create something that ill enjoy going, and will have that motivation to write about it.

At some point though my thinking process I took a step back and gathered my thoughts on what I would like to do and what I would like to write about. i knew that embroidery was something I enjoyed in my subject, so seemed like a perfect anwer.By using embroidery and patchwork, i can use materials that I’m formula with, and experiment with materials that i know but havent used them in this sort of way. I thought about the favourite things I like to do in my subject, and embroidery came as being one of them. however due to reach i soon realised how vast embroidery is as a subject and the different routes i could have taken with it. During my research i came across patchwork, with is something im formula with and is also a textiles based design. Meaning it was something formula to me and something that im really interested it.

During my research I learnt more about the narrative side of a patchwork,which is something we don’t really consider in the course. The idea that there’s different symbolism on the patchwork to create a story, rather than just pretty design. I also learnt how the object could be an inherited one which is also interesting to me. I like the idea of something being handed down from generation to generation, it gives it meaning and life.

Even though I found a lot of information and get ideas from research it was also something that I struggled with. It was over welling thinking of an idea to research and then researching what area of that idea I wanted to explore further. I did however visit Martha the librarian, and she took me though the process of how to find what you’re looking for, and to narrow down research by using metserch in the quickest and most useful way. I know no how to use metserch properly, which has also helped me in my subject reserch, I know what im looking for, and how to narrow down those key words to get the most useful information.

I also have great interesting in doing a PGCE once iv finished my degree, so I want to create my artifact by setting up a workshop for children to create their own patches to on patchwork. I love of craft connects people, which is why I called my essay ‘craft is connecting’ I think it’s a perfect title for what I want to do and craete. I want to see children interact with materials and element and see what happens, different material a seeing what outcomes they get. To also see their reactions to te the made objects.

As a result of researching these patchwork and quilts, its make me think about textiles material more in my own subject and also the use of more than one material. I think it has also told me how many i can tell my own story though my textile designs. using symbolism as a way of expressing feelings and thought and my experiences.

I know that this year has taught me to plan more, to set aside enough time to research and make the plan and to know what I want to write where. To also consider my themes and how they link together. To consider what my agreement is and to continiously refer to it as the essay goes on.

I’m excited to start working with the children, not only will I create a piece of interesting nd creative piece of craft ut also it will be great for my future. For me to gain more experience. I know that lots of experiment are needed in order to prepare, but I am glad I have something related to my subject and something I enjoy.

Thinking of my own idea

Its the start for me to think about my own question for my dissertation. I think at first thought I want to use what iv leanrt in my periods years, suh as punks, feminity and clothing. it would also be a great way to incoporate my own subject and and my own learning path. I think clothes is a great way to do that, and to use material and techniques that i already know.

There are however a lot of ideas running around, and I know i need to narrow it down, is feminity my main theme? Or am i more heading towards how clothes represnt idenity?

There is still a lot to think about, but i think im at a great start, and have some kind of idea.

Final collection.


Its so great seeing my collection come together. I really enjoyed creating the pieces and finding out who I am as a designer. I learnt alot about myskef and what I like to craete and what I dont like. I like all my deigns individually, however I think they work great as a whole collection.

I chose this 6 deigns to display as I thought they were the ones taht show clearly my theme and idea, and also took into consideration how they work as a 6 rather than 12. The us of colour having a big impact on that decision. I wanted to show my colour pallette, in a way that it wasnt too similar, but yet not so different.

To start off, I think my most successful deisgn is the floral digital stitch (which you can see in the top right in this photo). I like simple and classic it look, also how effective it is by just using one colour. I also think my other digital design and using the leaf effect was also effective. Using digital stitch over print was something that I hadnt doen before, so was eger to try it. As a result i think it works great, I know it is only a small sample of stitch, however I think next tiem i will us the bigger machine and create bigger sample.

I was also a bit nervous about using some painted and hand rendered deisgns in my collection,  as my painting and drawing skills arnt one of my best abiities. However the ones I did create where great. The simpel leaf print I craeted was the quickest deign that I created out of the 12. I was also unsure about that as I would always assume that a designs should take a while and have time and effort put into it. However I think this design has great quality and fits well with my other designs.

Iv learnt a lot about design this term, and all the differnt designs you can craete and tehn also repeat. I really enjoyed teh workshops on how to repeat are designs. I think it gave me inspiration and also courage to us my stetches and motifs. The repeat that is shown in the picture is teh top left painted floral design. I craeted that one using a half repeat. I think its a great way of seeing your motifs in a repeat, and alos how those motifs can be repeated in different ways.

I spent a lot of time in print this term, because I knew from last year that i really liked teh outcomes I created by printing,a dn tehn stitching on top.Also that collage/ layed idea was something I wanted to craete in teh collection and what I made clear in my breif. The layering idea, is clearly shown in the design in bottom left of the image an also in teh long on in the midle. Layering in print, was something new to me. By using different designs printed on top of each other was really interesting, it was great to experiment with differnt deisgns togeteher and differnt colours. At first I thought the yellow was too bright and wasnt going to fit my collection, however looking at it in comparison to my other designs is blends in well. However in hindsight I wish I had chosen one of my other colours from my colour palette.

The use of bumble bees was a late adition to my collection, I had drawn soem bees and laby bugs in my book. However I didn think I would use them in the collection, due to the fact I didnt want it to be too childish. However thsi deign needed something, and leaves wouldnt work so well with the colour of teh fabric. The us of teh bumble bees worked great in teh space that was created between the motifs. However this ment that it was the only design with animals on it, which I think doesnt match the rest of the collection like it should.

However I still think I created the floral themed colection that I was looking for. You can clearly see that floral is the main focus in teh collection, and that comes though in all the design, which I think worked really great. Something that Im glad I need was creting lots of variety of drawings, before I strated created another I started drawing and skethcing differnt floral images and leaves, in order for me to have motifs and ideas for my deisgns. Doing so also came in usful when creating croquis and repeats.

As a result of my collection, I think they do work as a whole. However I think some of my designs work better with the next companty than others. I think the more delicate, and not printed deisgns work better. Looking back I wish I had craeted more suttle prints, just like the green printed on leaf one I created. Also know now that I should have spent more time in stitch than print.

My next step is to perhaps continue more using CAD deigns, as I think t ones i have created as working and going somewhere in the direction I need it to. I also need to spend more time creating displacements, as I really couldnt get the hang of it, and think I could create better ones. I will also like to think about doing more stitch and more digital stitch. Also thinking about what kind of a deigner am I, and weatehr I want to concentrate on my specialism or continue to use them all.