Tutorial before interim

This weeks tutorial was based on how I can inprove for nexts week interim day. I knew taht something wasnt right with my work, something wasnt adding up. By talking with a tutor I realised that my theme was too board, which i knew was a probem. I know need to narrow down what I need to concentarate on. I need to seperate what my motifs, leaves, frogs, vegtables, plant pots. The things I think are important to represent the garden theme that im looking for.

I need to also now work on my sketchbook do some drawing and ideas, to amke my sketchbbok look really coloufula and artistic. I know that is something sarch and her team are looking for. I also need to experimnet with the ideas and drawings I already have, layering them and drawing on top of them. As tahts one thing that came out of tutorial was that I had a lot of ideas already there they just needed to be furthur develpoed and played around with.

There are also liittel changes I would like to make to my mood boards,one being the use of white in them, so by printing of larger images this will hopeful get rid of unnessery white space. I also need to create my logo which can also be up and placed onto the boards, along with my reserch and sketchbook. The colours I have used also have to considered. During the tutorial I also came to light that im missing the us of white on my moodboard. There is also too much of a similarity between teh red and orange, so teh consideration of taking oen away and adding a darker like darke purple. There is also a need to concentrate and change the pink I have chosen. I it is sightly to pastel like, it needs more of a depth.


Digital stitch!

I knew that doing this project I needed to concentrate and start perfecting the areas of technique that I want to do in my final term, and in my final degree show. I loved digital stitch last year and knew that it was something I was really interested in experimenting furthur. I took one of my frog drawings into the stitch room and produced it digially.

I think the digital route is definetly what I want to persue. I think it also gives that scanned in stitch elemnt I was loving in my reserch. I used the digital stitch, which i then photocopied and cut out in order to lay over my other stitch designs. I think it was also a quicker outcome than me scanning it into adobe. As a resut i think it is great experimnet and relates perfectly to my theme and boards.

I think its the start of something, the start that is leading to something effetive and creative.


More lillie pads

I liked the lillie pag prints that i strated with last week. However I thought it needed another elmnet and a little differnt of depth. I used foils in order to creat this experimnet. I wanted to create the foils but I didn’t want to us it on all the designs just a certain few.


It wa a very lenghly process, due to the fact I had to tape up certain lillie pads in or to screen print the colour and then tape up teh ones I hadnt taped up in teh first coloured print.I think i is a great effect, as foils as materials have a very high standrad of effect due to its shine and quality. However im not sure its givig the right effect that fits my theme. Maybe I need to us differnt shine and colour,  I would like to experimnet with thsi furthur.


With my drawing, I want to drawing as much as I can, draw as may motifs and arrangement I can. Which I can then play with and combine together. It is also a very much of a challenge for me not to draw floras and botanical, and I am decently strengthening my drawing skills, especially drawing animals such as frog as it is something that iv never done before. It is a great way to get out of my comfort zone and use motifs that iv never worked with before. Even being as bold as using vegetables and garden accessories.

I want to experiment with everything, not just my motifs, but techniques and ideas in order for me to have a vast idea of materials and techniques. Which I can then show Sarah and discuss what she prefers, just in the same way I would do it professionally.

So far, im loving the change, and loving what im drawing and playing with, and its only just teh start so im excited for the rest of the project.


For the start of my journey on this project and breif I needed to complete moodboards. When creating my moodboards I wanted more of a touchable and 3d aspect. So I decided  to print out my images and put them together on my boards, with also the use of woodern lettering fro my words.

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I think the boards clearly state what my theme is,a and who my audience is. I wanted a very natural and crisp theme board. The aspect of outdoors and garden had to be clear. I thik teh choice of the images where clear, with also still the use of colour that I would be using, which is then displayed in my colour board.

A client board is always the must difficult, trying to explain your audience using imagery. Its a way of you thinkig who that person is and what they may like to do, and how they might spend their time.

There is a few things I would like to change during the course of project, such as adding new little pictures. I also maybe narrowing down my theme if i happen to do that after the interim or something, if it does happen that way.

Start of experimeting! Printing

As a result of some of my drawing, I scanned in the different shaped Lillie Pads, which I then repeated in adobe to create a pattern. I used on with the motifs and one with the background, to have a contrast on design and over all feel.

This was the result of those designs, I screen printed both designs. I think they are both successful, I used three different colours on one screen print in order too create this mixed coloured print. I think it is really success and the start of a very interesting design. I would like to stitch/ applicia over the top of these, and create more depth and a more of a colleage aspect of the design.

More inspiration!

This is a follow on from our london trip.  This image in particular is what inspires me.


I think its a great way of showing motifs, a great us of collage and over lapped design. I think laayering and collageing is something I would like t experimnet with. The us of us differnt aspects of my theme and craeting them as one. I think Applicia will play a part in creating this type of design and experimneting and playing around is what is need to come.