End of the year statement!

I have absolutely loves this year, I feel like iv found myself, iv found what I like, what i like to design and how I like to design. At the beginning I found chosing my own brief very difficult. However I found the whole process of researching very useful, and gained a lot of knowledge in doing so. I knew floral and plant life would be my focus, however I didn’t expect it to take such a twist. I loved the idea of using drawings and sketching in an old and new way. Then combining those ideas together, creating elegant unique floral pieces and designs.

During term 2 I had created some unique and pretty designs, a few with an over layering meadow style. These piece’s where really successful. I knew I had to continue with this method and continue with the an over laying way of designing. However as a result creating this type of design wasn’t very successful doing digitally, as i wanted to more away from print, and explore more possibilities. However I did have the opportunity in term 3 to concentrate some of my digital styles, and to play and experiment with the software with more of my paintings.

After reading my feedback in april was that i needed to continue drawing and sketching. I know that it is very important to have a good body of drawings to start creating designs, which i know I defiantly found out when I started creating these designs at the beginning of the year. Drawing and painting, also made me realise that it could be one of my strangest ability, and it got me thinking that maybe I could use it as a focus in my final collection next year. I think the drawings and painting I did create, where very successful. I think they are great drawings by themselves, but ended up creating some interesting and pretty designs. Although at first I did find it difficult to create to using the paintings digitally and something I had to learn, but I think it turned out fine.

I knew that I also needed a new set of colour-ways, as my feedback suggest that my colours where not suited. This made me consider my colour swatches on illustrator and Photoshop. I the realised that some of my colours where slightly off and needed to be changed according to my colour board. Altering the colours on the co-ordinates, still wasnt giving the style and unique design that I wanted. I knew I had to make some new designs, and creating a new set of co-ordinates. Whilst I was designing and playing around with different repeats and placement on illustrator, I happen to create a group of designs which i think work great as co-ordinates.

I would have liked to created more hand on designs, such as more digital designs.  However I did manage to create a one new digital stitch design, which was very successful ,  If i had more time I would have liked to create this stitch onto some of my first layered effect designs. I think with such a creat subject there never an end, I know that i want to continue experimenting with the sketches and designs and seeing all the different possibilities it takes me.




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I am a textiles student. Leaning and experimenting with the beauty that is textiles. I want to share my journey and experience, doing what I love and learning along the way.

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