Buddy sytem

This last week weeks had been a great experience. I throually enjoyed being around the third years and experience their stress, joy and relief. My buddy name was Clare, her work was different to most people’s, as she created a textile wall piece. It was interesting for me to see as she has differnt type of work, and how she can display and arrange the work for full effort.



I loved clares work and how differnt it was, and soemthing i wasnt expecting to see in the degree show. However their were a few students this year who had more hands on textiel pieces whihc I think shows their talents and creativity. With something so deicate and  complex as this, it is time concusing as Clare talked to me about it. I also loved learning about her process and her journey getting to the final display. How she started the progetc to how she finished it. It was also good to have chats about dissertations and living in card or staying at home, all the information was very useful. The whole exhibition as a whole was really impressive, I got the chance to help others when Clare didnt need me. This was also definitional to see how all them individual third years displayed the their work. Even to the littlest of things like where to put the busy cards and post cards.

It really got my thinking about what I would like to craete next year, whether to concreate on interiors, and perhaps have a mixture of products. May creates something that completely different more of an art type piece of work like clare created. It was graet to look at how they all arranged them diffenently these area few exaamples.


I chose these three to put on my blog as i think they chose somethig differnt and something unique to display their work. They use materials and differnt shelving arrangemnets to suit their own stype of deisgns and work.

The first red one I found really interetsing as she used metal boxed wire to hand her work on, which i think is really clever and interetsing. The ladder i also thought was unique, somethig differnt than just shelves or pins. Shwo how uncomplecated the process is, and teh simplist of things can make the biggest impact.

I chose the white designs on the wall as I though she realy thought about size and compoituon when creating her work and displaying it. The use of the two thin and long designs eitehr side of a bigger and wider design is really effetcive. She also think this sudent a great way of using colour. The simple white is really stands out from the rest.



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I am a textiles student. Leaning and experimenting with the beauty that is textiles. I want to share my journey and experience, doing what I love and learning along the way.

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