More painting ad drawing:term 3

I know I needed to create more drawings and paintings in order to create more professional designs. At the end of term 2 I has also started to start drawing botanical drawings, in order for me to start to get that contrast of old and new, and I then have  a variety of drawings to create some interesting designs.

Botanical flowers

I created this simple painting using botanical images and more contemporary floral’s from my sketchbook. I think it was a great start to see a variety of mixture florals and ideas. I also think it isn’t obvious which patterns or new and which are old, which i really like. So that there isn’t a clear divide.

I think this is a start of great designs to be created, I would like to scan it into illustrator, and create some CAD visuals. I would also to create it in  digital stitch to see what effect that gives.


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I am a textiles student. Leaning and experimenting with the beauty that is textiles. I want to share my journey and experience, doing what I love and learning along the way.

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