PRP: Refelction on constillation

Due to this term concentration of dissertation forms, it was a term full of thought and idea. It was important for me to have the idea to write about something that is relevant to my course. Which is something I hadn’t really got the gist of doing before in year 1 and term 1 year 2. I know think that I have the write subject and the right idea to related my course

In my first term I had Ashley Morgan, which was really informative. I learnt a lot writing skills and how to improve my writing an as a whole and to plan my what I’m going to write and in what order. Ashley lectures where at objects and materiality, how we chose certain items that mean something to us. The question of whether objects make us who we are? or the other way round?. It was interesting to consider are materials and there effect on us, and to think about my own subject and how those objects effect what i make and what they are made for.

I wrote the 1-500-2000 word essay about the sari which I found really interesting.  It was educational to look at piece of clothing in such details and to consider what I wrote about the idea that an item of clothing such as the sari can represent identity, that it can tell people who that person is and what there beliefs are. However in the end I was disappointed as i did not get the best mark I was hoping for. I knew that from pervious writings and essays, my agreement skills is what let me down. As I found it difficult to ague for both sides and have a clear and understandable agreement for both. Resulting in their reflection, it was a possibility to carry on down this route, and writing a word thesis. However I knew i would struggle and have less of a grip on my ideas. Therefore after looking into the different options, i discovered that making an artifact would be the best option for me. Due to the fact i could make something, and create something that ill enjoy going, and will have that motivation to write about it.

At some point though my thinking process I took a step back and gathered my thoughts on what I would like to do and what I would like to write about. i knew that embroidery was something I enjoyed in my subject, so seemed like a perfect anwer.By using embroidery and patchwork, i can use materials that I’m formula with, and experiment with materials that i know but havent used them in this sort of way. I thought about the favourite things I like to do in my subject, and embroidery came as being one of them. however due to reach i soon realised how vast embroidery is as a subject and the different routes i could have taken with it. During my research i came across patchwork, with is something im formula with and is also a textiles based design. Meaning it was something formula to me and something that im really interested it.

During my research I learnt more about the narrative side of a patchwork,which is something we don’t really consider in the course. The idea that there’s different symbolism on the patchwork to create a story, rather than just pretty design. I also learnt how the object could be an inherited one which is also interesting to me. I like the idea of something being handed down from generation to generation, it gives it meaning and life.

Even though I found a lot of information and get ideas from research it was also something that I struggled with. It was over welling thinking of an idea to research and then researching what area of that idea I wanted to explore further. I did however visit Martha the librarian, and she took me though the process of how to find what you’re looking for, and to narrow down research by using metserch in the quickest and most useful way. I know no how to use metserch properly, which has also helped me in my subject reserch, I know what im looking for, and how to narrow down those key words to get the most useful information.

I also have great interesting in doing a PGCE once iv finished my degree, so I want to create my artifact by setting up a workshop for children to create their own patches to on patchwork. I love of craft connects people, which is why I called my essay ‘craft is connecting’ I think it’s a perfect title for what I want to do and craete. I want to see children interact with materials and element and see what happens, different material a seeing what outcomes they get. To also see their reactions to te the made objects.

As a result of researching these patchwork and quilts, its make me think about textiles material more in my own subject and also the use of more than one material. I think it has also told me how many i can tell my own story though my textile designs. using symbolism as a way of expressing feelings and thought and my experiences.

I know that this year has taught me to plan more, to set aside enough time to research and make the plan and to know what I want to write where. To also consider my themes and how they link together. To consider what my agreement is and to continiously refer to it as the essay goes on.

I’m excited to start working with the children, not only will I create a piece of interesting nd creative piece of craft ut also it will be great for my future. For me to gain more experience. I know that lots of experiment are needed in order to prepare, but I am glad I have something related to my subject and something I enjoy.


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I am a textiles student. Leaning and experimenting with the beauty that is textiles. I want to share my journey and experience, doing what I love and learning along the way.

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