Digital Design


I was a bit nervous about starting digital agian, as it is something im still not 100% comfortable with. However i gave it a go, and I think im craeting some interesting deisgns usingmy motifs.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 21.55.35.png

This is the first design I created using illustrator. I wa sjsut playing around and see what i can do,a dn also seeing what I could remember from last year. I did however need a little help from youtube on some things. However I did eventually get the hang of it. I think this deisgn is a great start, and i will continue to play around with teh software and create some more interesting designs.


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I am a textiles student. Leaning and experimenting with the beauty that is textiles. I want to share my journey and experience, doing what I love and learning along the way.

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