Week 4: Part 2/ Reflection

Today was my last day, and also a day to spend time and reflect on the time iv had doing this work experience. Iv learnt so much,just about fashion but about what teaching life is really like. Natalie the tutor has taught me great things about teaching. How to be serious but not to harsh, and also to be played back but serious when needs be. How having a good memory is also important, to remember that when your a student at the age of 16. They’re in a little bubble and concentrate on themselves. So you have to be aware of that when teaching.

As a teachers seem to to which often, was to try and turn you off the idea of teaching. By telling how much paperwork there is and how much it takes over your time. Which was something honest for her to tell me.

At the start I found it difficult to break away from that student attitude, and remember that Im there on work experience not as a student. However I still had the same mind set and life experience as their having right now. Which I think also helped them cause I knew what they were going though. By helping them with ideas and also interview advice.

I know that sometimes I was slightly bored and irritated by the situation, but i think that comes with the subject and course it was. As Iv said perviously, a creative subject is based on independent working. I tried to get on with some work that i could, weather it was printing out pictures for a display board or even doing bit of my own work. I wish I could stay a bit longer to finish another display board that I had started. However i also ready to back to my own students, being their also give me a chance to reflect on my own work and thinking time to think about my own ideas.

It being a fashion course was great, as my course in textiles was closely related. Where as the tutor was very design based, i had my own textiles experiences which gave another input into their ideas. I was their as a help to Natalie in her own work, due to the fact she’s changing in the course into fashion & textiles. So she asked me many questions about what I do, and how I think she should do some things. The most simplest of thing , like how to rearrange the work spaces. I had a great relationship with Natalie by the end. We spend a lot of time chatting about teaching, and the life it is. It was great for me to also watch her do her job, how she tells them stories and laughs with the students. She said that having the balance is really important, she knows thats he can joke around them and chat, but she also know that once they get on with their work they will do it and get it done.

Reflecting on the time iv had, I think that teaching is a possibility for my future, as i think I will enjoy it. Iv had such great experiences with the students on one to one basis, and as iv talked about in my other blogs. The enjoyment I feel when the students got enthusiastic by my suggested ideas, and I love that relationship. However I think at curtain times I could have been more outspoken and enthusiastic, but as iv said I think with me that comes with time.

My next step now is to continue doing work experience and going to more places, such as primary schools, secondary schools. To get a different idea of the age groups. Also different types of children such as mixed races students, disability children. This will give me a clear idea of the the types of children there are and their needs. Also in order for me to make my final decision, and career path I would like to take.


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I am a textiles student. Leaning and experimenting with the beauty that is textiles. I want to share my journey and experience, doing what I love and learning along the way.

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