Mood Boards/ IDEAS

To start creating my mood boards i knew I wanted very simple yet more hands on techniques. Meaning I didn’t want to create them digitally. I used images and pictures in order to portray my ideas and theme.

I want to create interiors for next, so  i had to make sure that I had the right colours, the right theme in order to fit with the company looks. I started off with my theme Board.

Mood board


This is my first mood board showing my theme. I think it clearly shows my ideas and concept. The ideas of a floral theme with the aspects of the garden and autumnal effects. I used a lot of basic image in order to visually display my ideas in a simple way. I chose things letterings, because I think the fact that they are raised a little,  my ideas of having a mixture of collage and textile feel to the designs.

Colour Board


This colour board shows the kind of colour I want to us in my designs, very bright autumnal colours. I still stuck to the natural and floral images in order to still keep my theme in order to keep all moods relevant and similar.

Client Board 


My client board shows the client I want to target, which is 24+. I used a mixture of imagery, to represent the clients lifestyle. Such as family’s and generational aspects, meaning mothers or grandmothers. Also used how the client may relax, such as gardening or tea parties. I know the using a random for seems change to use and represent, but my thought was of women of that age and how they may think about shoes, the fact its a wedge, say to me that its a women who wants to look elegant but has a busy life style and wants to be comfortable. I think the use of a stiletto  fro example would give a different message.

Client Board


This board shows the other companies that are computerise to one iv chosen. due to next being a high street brand, it meant It was easy for me to think of my clients and what other stores or companies they would possibly buy in contrast to mine. Using imagery which I’m possibly interesting in and the kind of pattern I’m also interested in.

Over all i think they turned out really well, using the same text gives them a great flow and colour. I think the clearly show my ideas and the colours i wan to use in my designs. Although i would like to do some adjustments to the swatches in order to make them neater.


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I am a textiles student. Leaning and experimenting with the beauty that is textiles. I want to share my journey and experience, doing what I love and learning along the way.

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