Evaluation of my Designs.

As a result of my final designs I am really happy with their outcome. I think all the designs fit well with the brief and my mood and colour boards. I think the designs also work well together as a collection. I am pleasured with the colour, it is darker than what I was anticipating, the orange colour on my mood board was my favourite colour out of my pantone. However, at the start I wasn’t sure if it would be my dominate colour. However, it still works with my designs and together as a whole. I think maybe next time use the lighter colours, which I think would have worked with my theme even better.

I enjoyed creating my designs and experimenting with my concepts and creating a number of designs before choosing my final ones. I also liked the freeness of the software’s we used, the fact you could just change and experiment with colour, which was something I haven’t experienced before, as I’ve been more paper and material based.

When we started the project I thought I would be more confident with Photoshop, and we did start off with Photoshop so I was happy as I knew some basics, however as the project went on I became more comfortable with illustrator. I think the designs from illustrator are more professional. Due to the fact, when it came to creating designs and patterns on Photoshop I really struggled.

Over the summer, and next few years I will definitely continue to learn more on the software, and keep up my skills. It makes me very excited about the future in pattern making I could have.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 11.40.45.png


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I am a textiles student. Leaning and experimenting with the beauty that is textiles. I want to share my journey and experience, doing what I love and learning along the way.

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