After Moderism


The rules of Fluxus

  1. Dada, irrationality, performance, chance, performance and collage,

sounds with no words, sounds that have meaning

2. Art ‘v’ life

divorce-moderist concernatrate, art was life, apart from original existence. Part of life specialised activity, separate from the process of living

. Abandon the traditional forms of art (painting and sculpture

3. John Cage

  • chance
  • scores
  • experimentalism
  • chance to create music, remove themselves from process, how to score music

Renugmin Paterson, SCORE OF STRING MUSIC-1960

John cage- Fontana mix-1958

  • The music becomes what the audience does
  • Art -watch in silence, silence art-Orginal life
  • the evolution of modern art according dick higgie
  • collage- Pablo Picasso, still life with chair candy
  • don’t have to represent anything anymore- just give it on surface
  1. Combine – Robert Rauschenberg (1933-9)
  2. enviroment- making the space itself the art, Edwardo Paolozzi nugel, Henderson, Peter and Alison, Smithton-Architecture
  3. Happening- Allen Kaproiu yard 1961, instillation and performance- intention, people to act differently
  4. Event- one activity from happening and do one thing
  5. concentration – George Brecht, true vechiles events 1961, George Macunnis Fluxus, manifesto more of a collage quotes


9featues of fluxes accordng to Dick Fliggirs

  1. internationalism- including artists from US, Germany, France and Japan
  2. Anti-art  and economical- Henry Flynt demonstrating outside Momit, serious but laughable
  3. intermedia-George Maciunas
  4. Concentration/simplicity
  5. art and life- Yoko omo, cut piece
  6. Emphemerality and invisibility- Robert Fillou, crowd Project 1967
  7. Specificity- Ben Valutier, Yoko Omo, one 1966




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I am a textiles student. Leaning and experimenting with the beauty that is textiles. I want to share my journey and experience, doing what I love and learning along the way.

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