Jewellery/ Trinket Making

Today was my last lesson in making my box, it was a great experience even though i was really nervous about dong something as physical as using a saw and sander. I was really nervous about using the machinery, however i soon got the hang of it.

In my first week we cut out the side pieces and cut them into shape so they’ll fit together, this meant using the saw. I think it went really well as I had to lined up and it fitted together well, i Then had to stick on the base and to, which i then left to dry ready for my next lesson


Second week the glue was all dry and it was now ready to be cut into shape, after using the saw to cut the top and bottom I then had a straight well crafted square box, and I was really impressed with the skills I was using. We had to glue to top and the bottom beach if we  had make the lid sportily the it was more likely for it not to be perfectly level with the bottom. I then spent 20 minutes sanding down the box before i cut the top off, I wanted it to be as smooth as possible, i had to pull myself away from the sander, as we could have spent hours perfecting it. Next thing to do was cut a top so that it was box that opened.

Third lesson, this lesson as to concentrate on painting the box, i chose a wooden glaze, which i thought would give a professional finish. I gave one coat on the outside, which i left to dry, and they painted the outside to get an over all finish. Before i left the lesson I gave a small coat of vanish on the outside of the box, to give it a shiny finish. I then went back in a lunch time in order to paint the vanish on the inside.


last session, this lesson was to finish off the box and to make the box open and be a working jewellery box, by putting hinges on and sewing decorative patterns on them.

It was a great 4 weeks, and i was so grateful having the opportunity to work in the studio with Nigel. It was a great experience, and good chance for me to try something new or something I would have used before. It was something that i hadn’t done before and would like to do again.




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I am a textiles student. Leaning and experimenting with the beauty that is textiles. I want to share my journey and experience, doing what I love and learning along the way.

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