Children of the Revolution

Punk and Gender and subcultural ideology and the rising of punk.

Todays lesson was how to paraphrase quotes, in order to use ideas but in our own words, this method could also help us us with our word count.

  1. 1980s began the change of gender equality, in all aspects of life
  2. Punks gave women more freedom and space to express themselves
  3. However it didn’t change completely not everything became equal wasn’t treated equally in current professions such as music
  4. People in the public eye such as Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde, seen as ‘one of the guys’ or a ‘pretty punk’
  5. Punk era also continued in the 90s with ‘grunge’ and ‘riot girl’ social and cultural

Looking at these quotes got us looking at feminism

How come are preserves in society in reference to men

  • What area the gender restrictions
  • exploring rules fro women
  • Having a voice and opinion
  • Visual- ideal body/Barbie
  • Start by what is the norm
  • Beaty- aspire to be beautiful -traditional feminine

CCS Perspective

What did they find about subcultures

  • Class conflict
  • Discrimination though the media
  • Activity in youth within pattering of post-war, political change
  • Style has the answer and expression of the power of the working class
  • Class conflict- ‘new criminology’ between classes ‘social relations of capatilism
  • Working class- more likely for subcultures
  • New ideas from ‘parent culture’
  • Ideology solution
  • Working class- ‘politically-
  • Bricolage- objects reused by particular groups, re-signification
  • Homology- symbol elements, symbol expression
  • Semiotic guerrilla warfare
  • All talk, not threatening
  • Resistance
  • Anti-establishment


  • Issues on social class
  • structural equality , important of youth experiences and ideas
  • Peter Cleuale- ‘variety of social backgrounds , not just working class
  • concentrating on males in subcultures
  • Assumed they were working class, Generalisation

Resistance though rituals, against establishment

  • style, design, behaviour, language, rules, adapted by gang.



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