Remake Remodel

Subculture style and identity 

  • Subculture, object and identity
  • Different from their parents culture- antiestablishment
  • Subculture, a statement against mainstream society and norms

Just the way artist, and textiles try to design something that hasn’t done before, to question the norms, and see what it exactable.

  • Deconstruct the subculture
  • Identifies by what they wear and objects they carry

*Stylisation – how objects fit the whole outfit, prove that the relationship between outfits and style fit the identity

  • Objects carry meanings
  • Objects selected deliberetly
  • Original meaning- transforming

*Re-signification– turing something into a different meaning, everyday objects

  • Modify an objects- change it- secret language in the group
  • separates you from everyone else
  • define yourself from what your not
  • taken an object use it as a different meaning

Hip Hop Style and Ideology 

  • Culture that a bread hip hop
  • Cannot separate Hip Hop
  • Materialism objects seemed to be really important – self-aggrandisment– dragont self-impotance
  • Competitive streak
  • More dominant than someone
  • Measuring your popularity by your materialism
  • Latest stuff part of the scene
  • Personal identity of ones clothe- Adidas, clothes designed for sport wear for everyday wear- changed the meaning
  • Bling
  • Solid gold chain= status
  • Objects dont fit together
  • Contemporary look on sportswear
  • Trainers- no laces, tied behind tongue/ changing the function
  • Altering functions of things
  • Personal association with brands
  • Taking signs of capitalism and reworking them
  • Baseball cap
  • Graffiti, on clothing-motif
  • What you put mainstream objects with, makes it  a subculture
  • Brand new-lasted style


  • System of ideas relating of Africa, black culture within america
  • Immigration
  • Respect fro africa
  • African flag, colours of african flags, mud cloths, patterns-link to african dress, style of jewellery
  • Statement of clack identity]still acknowledge where their from
  • Political statement
  • Black pride, identify black black in their own country, their origin’s
  • Mixture of cultural references
  • Mud cloth
  • Stevie Wonder- Talking book, no longer dress the way the white people want them to
  • Braded hair
  • Do the right thing (lee 1989)
  • Reminder of objects and meanings
  • Micheal Jordan, Addidas sponsor, designer, statement more than footwear
  • Buying a reference, to black reference
  • Identity, mass produced images
  • Visual and material culture
  • Geto Blaster- Significant image/object, cultural identity

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I am a textiles student. Leaning and experimenting with the beauty that is textiles. I want to share my journey and experience, doing what I love and learning along the way.

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