Researching Subculture Style


  • -different in looks that exist within the different subculture
  • Identify what are the the theme/motif’s

*spooner: British, 70s in what, why do they come from gothic  literature

  • Jackelye + Hyde- Inspiration

*Spooner- outsiders / stereotype

  • combination- victorian + punk, what is elaborate jewellery,what is vamp make-up.
  • Hodkinson- dark/ macabre theme? what are they? visually representing
  • .not as straight froward as it would seem
  • Relations between fabrics and colour, objects how do they link?
  • which bits have too influences and the new bits
  • bits that are not from victorian era
  • elements of victorian fashion
  • victorian – modern reworking
  • themness- ghost, -undead -in-between bodies, in-between identities outsiders/not fitting in with societies norms

gothic Novels -Frankenstein, Dracula, Dr Jekile and Hyde

  • undead-neither living or dead
  • romance-sex-penertratse other people
  • they don’t age/resurfacing
  • no social norms
  • frankenstein, body parts of corp’s, liminal/death and decay- caught between two bodies
  •  lace-Victorian morning dress
  • spiders/insects-link to use in the ground and decay
  • decay- a theme victorian literature
  • rags- motfits/ripped items
  • clothes/body
  • fetidh scene/pvc and rubber
  • punk qualities
  • 90s-punk and rock- coloured hair evolves over time

Punk description

  • spikey hair- Weaponary
  • far more skin
  • netting- rip motifs-decay
  • studs/armary
  • make-up/ look of death
  • black eye liner- impression that your dead

Men and Women

*contempary Goth/techo goth

  • new feature
  • more colours
  • 90s Conations
  • stil corset
  • Pvc
  • decay and limmilaty motif
  • Goggles-steam punk


  • modern designers gothic theme- accusing motifs
  • alexander McQueen

*spooner-putting things together that don’t belong

-just the way we artists put things things together to be creative, things that art normal used together, but used to test the norms to create indecent unique pieces.


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I am a textiles student. Leaning and experimenting with the beauty that is textiles. I want to share my journey and experience, doing what I love and learning along the way.

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