Cardiff and Cardiff Bay visit


Our first visit in Cardiff was the national museum. In the ceramic room i found my first interest. It was full of inspirational pattern and colour. I felt the pattern was full of historical meaning, it made me realise who much i love patterns, which is something that has inspired me previously. Theres so much detail in the design, I found real appreciation while looking at a the work, and the time and work that went into it.. I always been interested in ceramics, but i find it overwhelming to have such a variety in one room. I also think ceramics is a great thing to sketch and get used to drawing shapes and working on composition.


The bay is one of my favourite places to visit, however this time i wanted to look at the details, and something that i possibly hadn’t seen or noticed before. Doing so i happened to notice the street lights, and it reminded me of my home village. The shapes of street lights, has a great resemblance of the lamps that were used in the mines. Which have a very symbolic and sentimental feeling in a valley village like mine. I felt the sense of history and culture.

Art has a great deal to dod with Cardiff Bays beauty. There are various sculptures which symbolises the history and journey of Cardiff bays history. The one i found extremely emotional is the seaport war memorial. the artist captured a great sense of sorrow and emotion, by using an unique way of combining the people with the water. Which i think is so important to the locals of the bay. As a whole, the bay is a great place to get to know the beautiful city, i am very proud to call it my home city.


I also took some time in the national history museum, which is something i don’t normally show interest in. As science and archaeology is something i don’t concentrate on. However i thought it would be a great way to get out of my comfort zone and look at something that i wouldn’t normally take interest in. In doing so, i came across marine life, and made me realise that a theres so many differ things that can interest me, it was a great learning curve for me. The marine life gave me great opportunity to take pictures of shapes and colour, and also learn something about animals and underwater plants that a i never knew before.


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I am a textiles student. Leaning and experimenting with the beauty that is textiles. I want to share my journey and experience, doing what I love and learning along the way.

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